Charter Enquiries

We operate charters in South Australia through LinkSA Pty Ltd and SouthLink Pty Ltd.

Our extensive background in the bus industry combined with our commitment to service, reliability and safety, guarantees that we can deliver outstanding charter services.

Charters and Special Events are a key focus of our business, we can provide a broad range of services to large or small groups at extremely competitive rates.

We operate a large fleet of buses providing a range of vehicles that are suitable for a variety of charter requirements. These include Fully Accessible Vehicles, Coaches and specialised Wheelchair vehicles capable of carrying four wheelchairs and four seated passengers.

As part of our commitment to provide premium quality transport options, we offer services to special events such as all AFL games, popular concerts and performances and other major events.

For your very own School Charter/Large group, or a private charter to weddings, winery tours, clubs, social groups, sporting organisations etc or your very own long distance tour for your social group, society or organisation, give us a call for a quote for that special trip.

Arranging a charter service is an easy process with our specially trained staff who will assist you to ensure all runs smoothly. Our staff will assess your needs carefully, nominate the appropriate vehicles and contact you with our quotation. The size of our fleet gives us the flexibility to satisfy your requirements whilst providing the most cost-effective solution to your needs.

Please contact us on

Adelaide: 08 8131 4014
Barossa Valley: 08 8564 3022
Murray Bridge: 08 8532 2633